Dragons of Putrescence

by Cyanidic Rapture

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This is the first release under the third incarnation of Jason Vincion’s Cyanidic Rapture project. The project has taken a decidedly more industrial/noise slant since the first two incarnations.

Though the project has already begun to evolve away from the sound found here, "Dragons of Putrescence" should prove to be a good starting point for the path that the Cyanidic Rapture project will take.


released December 9, 2008


all rights reserved


Track Name: Let the Noise Begin
Let the noise begin
Let the noise begin!

Shots fired from the rooftops
Hot blood on the ground
Cold metal in the hand
Capsules dancing beneath the tongue
Footsteps pounding stairs
Backwards creep up to the ledge
Shouting words, clicking metal
Bite, swallow, jump and fall

Rapid descent terminal
Then velocity shifts
Float into the ether
Watch the meat disintegrate
Track Name: Abandonment
Blackened sight; racing heart
Screaming silence screams so loud
No one to hear; no one here
Hallucinations guide the mind
Ties that bind; tearing flesh
Scrape the sinews that confine the soul
Cold enclosure; warmth is fleeting
Life slowly seeps from the vessel

Truths concealed; lies revealed
One won’t be missed from the hive
Random incident; pointless death
Fake sincerity from the masses
Works of one’s life - nullified
Over time or in an instant
Abandonment - of all one’s hope
Give in to one’s mortality

Choked of breath; all speech gagged
Attempts to cry out made in vain
No point to struggle; no fight left
Conclusion all but written out
All exploits lost; life lived for nothing
Embrace futility in all its splendor
Find the power; focus the will
Escape the vessel before it expires

Truths concealed; lies revealed
One won’t be missed from the hive
Random incident; pointless death
Fake sincerity from the masses
Works of one’s life - nullified
Over time or in an instant
Abandonment - of all one’s hope
Give in to one’s mortality
Defined - by bones and tissue
Hard to communicate while immaterial
Observe one’s life - through distant eyes
Watch the flesh become soil
Float in the air; succumb to turbulence
Become one with the wind
Eyes forever open; forced to view it all
A fate so cruel
Track Name: No Control
Acute awareness
Time standing still
A loss of function
An idiopathic origin
Crashing to the ground
Spasms of violence
Blood fills the mouth
As disorientation mounts

Existing nowhere
Body writhing
Lashing out
No control
Mortality fleeting
Limbs still flailing
Thrashing about
No control

Contusions accumulating
Whipped into pulp
Unwillingly throttled from this
Mortal coil
Watching the corpse writhe
Like headless poultry
A violent end
To corporeal life
Track Name: Dehumanized
Empty eyes staring blindly, no souls within
Evacuated mindless meat sacks, writhing with sin
No empathy for others, a self-sufficient state
Endless derision presides, no point in hate
A careless swarm builds up, delighting in others’s pain
Absorbing all that horrifies, indulgence without refrain
Ambiguous faces menace, gathering to terrorize the weak
Abandonment of human nature, life’ss outlook is bleak

Confusion comes from the mirror, not sure of what they see
A recognition of the shell, but the eyes are so empty
Dismiss the changes in essence, concentrate on empty things
Indulge in frivolous commodities, compete with suburban kings
Conspicuous consumption reigns, in debt to actual wealth
Stress builds exponentially, impeding on future health
A brittle being remains, emptied of all commodity
Becomes what was once mocked, yet now desiring sympathy
Track Name: No Warning
A scheming behemoth
Lies beneath his mask
False happiness shows
When the truth is misery

All roads traveled
No options left
Searching for the answer
To end the question of life

Looking for something painless
And something real
No room for failure
No desire to go on

Studying the demise
Of insidious empires
Teutonic solutions
Fill his mind with ideas

Unethical acquisition
Of cyanide salts
Two small capsules in hand
Bring a trip to the beyond

All doubts extinguished
No inkling to turn back
He pops them in his mouth
And swallows them down

Scent of bitter almonds
Lingers in the surrounds
Collapsing in a heap
His struggle won

No warning signs
To those unaware
Only grief and sorrow
Left in his wake
Track Name: We Get the Joke Now
From the dawning ages of man
The meaning of life has been in question
Philosophers observing the troubles of humanity
Epiphanies achieved in times of reflection

Manmade creations of absolution and punishment
Designed to keep the masses in line
An insidious construct built on fear and anger
An ultimate failure with a hateful design

It may not be hysterical
But the wry humor can finally be seen
A basic credo is all that’s needed
Its simplicity seems fairly obscene

“Nothing that we do matters
But life is defined by what we do
Eschew materialism for strength of character
Give of ourselves in order to get through”
Track Name: Disconnected
Bereft of expression, no need to display humanity
Beauty brings no delight, just a reminder of past failures
Negative responses received from all forms of pleasure
Symptoms of dysphoria prevalent in everyday life
No longer existing in an enjoyable environment
Repeating pointless actions day after day
Life’s unrelenting cycle breeds an urgent need for peace
Solitude the only desire that remains within

A vast world surrounds, but nothing sparks interest
A nagging desire to become one with apathy
Narcoleptic fits ensue, an ineffective escape mechanism
Few emotions left inside one that’s almost numb
Disposable relationships too frequent for concern
No joy in human contact, the revulsion set deep within
To hear the limitless inanity brings extreme aggravation
Viewing all forms of life through disconnected eyes
Track Name: Karma Wreck
Black chards smoldering in the late summer air
Burnt flesh immolated beyond all repair
Mangled metal machines lay desecrated
All the victims have been eviscerated
Gasoline and entrails scent the environs
Smells barely choked out by screams of the sirens
Traffic stopped for miles in every direction
Rubbernecking to see the botched dissection

Victims in car one - thieves of money and life
Murdering in cold blood to escape from strife
Victims in car two - officers of the law
Working with the thieves; caught in corruption’s claw
Foiled by a stalled semi in pursuit of greed
Colliding with its fuel tanks at blinding speed
A massive explosion brings fate to them all
A more gruesome end for those deep in sin’s thrall

Now forever bound to their scene of demise
Watching the cars pass in infinite reprise
Purgatory earned through their machinations
Always reminded of their limitations
Track Name: Cypher
A being born and raised in ignorance
Another empty vessel for society

Consistently engorged by false idolatry
It brings no value to its sheltered way of life

Content to exist and never to grow
No new ground broken, no progress to reflect on

Indulging in the same routines day after day
It takes comfort in its false security

It has no worries as it’s welcomed by the hive
Built of one mind with functional intelligence

A faceless swarm of meat and bone
Insignificant drones in the world’s revolution

When it falls, it’s replaced by two others
Multiplying like a virus in infected tissue

Another statistic with a life full of emptiness
No one to embrace the inconsequence of its fate

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